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Spade Bucket

Spade Bucket

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Complete with two bucket pins

Product Details

Spade Bucket to fit excavators in the 070 weight class, 400mm wide
Rotation (degrees)
Weight Class
Lifting Eye WLL
Bucket Width
Body Width
Spade Body Width
Attachment Width
Tyne Width
Chute ID
No. of Tynes

tenX Coupler

tenX coupler system
This coupler has the tenX Attachment System


Multi-Model capability
This coupler is supplied with MULTI-MODEL capability
Multi-Model couplers are designed to fit almost every attachment in the excavator weight class, regardless of the manufacturer.

Long Series

Multi-Model capability
This PowerThumb is designed specifically to fit Wedgelock Tilt Couplers

Standard Series

Multi-Model capability
This PowerThumb is designed specifically to fit Wedgelock Standard Couplers

OEM Fitment

OEM attachment
This coupler is OEM fitment
OEM Couplers are built to fit a specific brand of excavator and will generally only connect to attachments designed to fit that brand of excavator. If you wish your coupler to fit attachments that are not designed for your excavator, contact us for compatibility.

Bolt On Edge

Bolt on edge
This coupler comes fitted with Bolt-on-Edges
If a Bolt-on-Edge (BOE) is not specified for a bucket, it can be ordered as an optional extra, or added after purchase.

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Price Book
All Wedgelock tenX Couplers are built to specifications that fit the carrier machine to which they will be fitted. In order for us to quote or supply a tenX Coupler for your machine, we need to know the machine model. Please choose the model of your machine from the list below.
If your machine model is not showing, choose a model that most closely fits your machine in terms of weight and specifications. In in doubt, contact Wedgelock.

This Multi-Model coupler will pick up attachments from the following manufacturers;

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