Coupler Maintenance

A well-greased Wedgelock tenX Coupler connected to optimum hydraulic pressure, cleaned and inspected regularly, is highly unlikely to fail.
Please follow the regular maintenance and service steps to ensure that your coupler performs optimally.
It is the operator’s responsibility to take the tenX Coupler through it’s complete Detach-Attach cycle EVERY DAY 
Lubricate greasing points on the Tilt Actuator (if present)
Check all pin retainers, bolts & nuts for tightness on the tenX Coupler and the attachments
Lubricate all greasing points – the attachment will have to be removed to access all grease points
Check hydraulic hoses and fittings for any leaks or wear – replace immediately if required
Check the hydraulic cylinder mounting bolts for tightness – remedy if required
Thoroughly clean the quick coupler and ensure there is no material build-up around the Reset Trigger, Primary Wedge or Safety Knuckle
Check the quick coupler for evidence of fatigue, weld failure or stress – if evident contact your Wedgelock dealer immediately for assistance. NOTE - the coupler will have to be cleaned first