Quarrying and mining provide massive challenges for designers and manufacturers of targeted attachments and componentry. Hard-wearing and reliable buckets and attachments that are designed-for-purpose are essential, often in sizes that stagger the imagination. Wedgelock has a proven pedigree in the manufacture of both standard and custom attachments for quarry and mine work.

Large Buckets

Wedgelock have considerable experience designing and manufacturing large hard-wearing buckets specifically for the quarry and mining industries. A clever mix of heavy duty steel in areas where toughness is necessary, and lighter materials in low impact zones, creates the strongest bucket with no excess weight.

Custom Works

For one-off designs or bucket sizes outside our usual parameters, Wedgelock Custom Works can design and manufacture pretty much anything and ship the finished product anywhere in the world. The photograph top right is taken in Mongolia, where Wedgelock attachments toil day and night in the vast mines of the Gobi Desert.

Quarry Operation
Wedgelock products in action in Mongolia.
Quarry Buckets

Quarry Bucket
Quarry attachments: over-sized and hard wearing.
Custom Works