Wedgelock has designed and manufactured unique attachments specifically for the forestry industry. Hard-wearing, reliable and innovative, our forestry attachments will make life easier for operators and owners in this difficult industry.

Specialist attachments

Common with Forestry Contractors the Forestry Coupler allows for the fitment of a grapple to the coupler without compromising safety.

Pinning a grapple directly to the dipper arm is the safest method of connection. Fitting grapples to couplers using adaptor brackets can be hazardous.

The Forestry Coupler provides both a quick coupler for normal operation and an additional pivot point for fitting a grapple hanger to swing the grapple from.

Powerthumb and Powerclamp

With mounting points on either the dipper arm or directly on the coupler pin, Wedgelock's range of clamps provide a versatile solution to most forestry needs. Our thumbs and clamps, when fully retracted, allow full use of the bucket for fast and efficient operation.

Remote location

Wedgelock's proven reliablity ensures minimal downtime in those remote locations, and our superior customer service means that no matter how remote the forestry operation might be, help is never far away.

Powerthumb: strong and versatile.

Forestry Coupler
Forestry Coupler: specialisation where it counts.
Forestry Coupler