Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wedgelock's primary business?

Wedgelock specialises in the design and manufacture of attachments for excavators from 1.5 Tonne to 100 Tonne. The patented Wedgelock I-Lock Coupler is a flagship product used in dozens of countries around the world.

Who are Wedgelock’s main customers?

Wedgelock supplies attachments to OEMs, dealers and end-users.

In which countries does Wedgelock operate?

Wedgelock has offices in New Zealand and Australia, and through its partners has manufacturing licensees in Australia and the USA. From its New Zealand base Wedgelock exports product all over the world.

I am interested in doing business with Wedgelock. Whom should I contact?

See our Contact page for details.

What information do I need to place an order for an attachment?

We will require the Wedgelock Weight Class or the Make, Model and Year of your excavator. For some attachments, like thumbs and clamps, we may require additional data. To find an attachment go here.

What information do I need to place a parts order?

The part name and the SERIAL NUMBER of the product is usually enough. For more information see our How To Order page

How do I determine the Wedgelock Weight Class of my excavator?

The easiest way is to search by Brand and Model of excavator (here)

What sort of Warranty does Wedgelock offer?

Wedgelock’s Standard Warranty provides twelve (12) months cover against defects in material or workmanship. To view the Wedgelock Warranty click here.

How do I lodge a Warranty claim?

Please follow the Warranty Claim procedures outlined here.

Where can I find serial Number on a Wedgelock product?

Every product that has ever come out of the Wedgelock factory has been stamped with a serial number. Find instruction on the location of serial numbers here.

How do Wedgelock couplers work?


A wedge is driven back and forth by turning a thread.

2-line hydraulic

The wedge is driven back and forth by a hydraulic ram. The Safety knuckle is raised on the residual pressure of the retract line.

3-line hydraulic

The wedge is driven back and forth by a hydraulic ram. The Safety knuckle is raised when the safety line is energized.

Draw pin

The coupler is locked to the attachment by a manually drawn pin.

For more information about Wedgelock couplers, click here

What are the benefits of a Wedgelock I-lock coupler over other couplers?

  • Instantaneous secondary locking
  • Solid construction
  • Multi-model capability
  • Three levels of Safety

Find out more about I-Lock Couplers here

What’s the benefits of 2-line over 3-line.

2-line simplifies installation

Do you have to install a Wedgelock coupler with the Wedgelock valve and switch assembly?


What’s the difference between a hitch and a coupler?

They are the same thing. Hitch is probably the older term and still predominates in some locations, while coupler is becoming more common. Pin grabber is another term for the same attachment.

Do you have Parts for the products you sell?

Wedgelock has many parts straight from the shelves.

What’s the different between TNH and TUH thumbs?

TNH (Powerclamp) pivots on the dipper pin. It has more rotation and more teeth to mesh with the teeth on the GP bucket/or bucket mainly used.

TUH (Powerthumb) pivots on a bracket welded on to the excavator dipper arm. Allow for a wider ‘mouth’ and larger loads.

See diagrams and more here

Are Wedgelock products made in New Zealand?

All Wedgelock products for the New Zealand market are assembled in our factory in Upper Hutt, using local or imported components and subassembles to remain competitive from our partner network. Wedgelock products are made under licence in Australia and USA for those markets. Products made in the Upper Hutt factory are also exported all over the world.

Does Wedgelock export around the world?

From the Upper Hutt factory in New Zealand, and production partners in Australia and USA, Wedgelock can export to all corners of the world.

Are all Wedgelock attachments available worldwide?

Wedgelock offers a global product range that is generally marketed and available for supply worldwide with the exception of those products that are manufactured and distributed under license for supply in certain countries.

New Zealand is a long way from most overseas markets. How does Wedgelock maintain its price competitiveness on a global scale?

While some costs such as raw materials and transportation are largely outside Wedgelock's control, the company seeks continually to manage overheads, foreign exchange fluctuations, marketing costs and other variables that may impact the price it charges its customers.

How can I obtain a copy of Wedgelock's price list?

Simply by contacting us.

How can I obtain copies of Wedgelock brochures?

Copies of Wedgelock brochures may be downloaded from here.

I need a bucket for my operation that's outside your weight classes. Can you help me?

Yes, Wedgelock are more than happy to work through a customer specific requirement, whether for a bucket, coupler, or other excavator attachment. See Quarry Buckets or Custom Works.

Why do customers have to fill out data sheets when purchasing a thumb?

Thumbs are custom built to suit the machine, couper, bucket and the requirements of the customer. When a customer can verify that the setup of machine, bucket and coupler are all the same as a thumb Wedgelock has made previously, you don’t have to fill out thumb data sheets.

Do you have a question that hasn't been answered? Contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.